Meters & Meter Bases

Meter Types


The types of meter we typically carry are 

residential 120v/240v four jaw single phase units, some commercial 120v/240v/480v single and three phase units; both types in analog configuration. 

 Watt meters are also available in various voltages, amperages and phasing, and available to order. 

Some things we need to know: 

1. Input voltage: 

2. Number of phases: 

3. Number of jaws: 

We do not carry smart meters at this time. 


Meter Bases


Did you have a smart meter put in to replace your analog meter and they broke the meter base? We just might be able to help you out with this; we have a wide range of stock for meter bases going back many years. It is impossible to tell what base you have in place with a picture of the meter still installed. For this reason, the meter has to be off when taking a picture, make sure that your picture is close enough that we can accurately tell what kind of base you have installed. We know it can be difficult for the coordination required between SDG&E and repair time so we do our best to make sure you have the correct materials the first time.

Test Bypass Blocks


The "Test Block" cover is removed and the technician manually installs a set of jumpers extending from the line to load side connectors feeding to and from the meter being tested. Once the jumpers are in place, bronze current carrying flat washers are removed from each phase and at this point the meter bypassed, or isolated from the circuit. This temporary bypass feature allows for the utility meter maintenance without interruption of service to the downstream occupant. We have some replacement units for a variety of manufactures. 



Replacement Parts


We have a number of replacement parts for different manufactures ranging from outside covers, meter rings, meter blanks, bussing for some models, bypass blocks, fifth jaw kit installations or replacement, meter clip & lug replacements. 


Meter Stacks & Bussing


While our stock of stackable metering systems is limited; we can provide pullout/breaker covers, breaker mounting bussing and in some cases meter to breaker phase bussing replacements. Our typical new meter stack stock is mostly directed at multi-stack configurations found in multi-unit monitoring.