Fused or Non-fused, indoor or outdoor, new or used, parts?

When calling we ask a lot of details about what you need in the way of disconnects. Here is a simply listing to have handy to make your inquiry go smoother. Limited parts for disconnects are a hit or miss find. 

1. Do you have a brand name and model # in mind?  

2. What voltage will be used? 

3. How many phases are there? 

4. Will it be fused or Non-Fused?


5. Will it be used in Nema1 (indoor), 3R (outdoor), 4x-12 (dust proof), explosion proof etc. 

6. Used or New? 

  Note: Ordered products not carried as normal stock are considered special orders, a sales associate will go over the particular requirements for special orders.   All used disconnects purchased includes the fuses needed, for new disconnects fuses are additional in cost.

Are you ready?

Once you have completed the questions here, give us call or contact us via email. Keep in mind we have limited parts support and in some cases will have to sell the entire unit for a single part.