Household Items

Switches, Buttons, & Outlets


Not only do we have today’s version of modern switches, outlets, covers and blanks; we have the same in yesteryears original version. A wide range of colors are available including stainless steel and brass; though selections are limited. 


Covers for switches, outlets & blanks


Broke a switch cover? We have lots to choose from. Some Jumbo sizes are still available. Our covers range from single switch to 5 or 6 gang units as well. We have most common colors to choose from and in some cases brass, stainless steel, and simulated wood as well.

Low Voltage Switches, Relays, & Transformers


Popular in the day, low voltage systems can be a pain in replacement parts. We have those switches, relays and the power transformer as well. Wall switches in only two colors though Ivory & White. 


Lighting Globes, Glass & Flat Acrylic


We are reducing our lighting parts and fixtures stock; but still have the popular lamp post globes in various colors and sizes in acrylic & glass. While the supply lasts, glass amber, frosted and decorative globes are still on hand.

Lamp Sockets


Sockets? We have them; for Halogen, Mogul base, Medium base, MR16 base and some cylinder bases in 3” to 6” styles. Additionally, our stock includes Mogul to Medium, Medium to Intermediate, and Intermediate to Candelabra base adapters.

Dimmers, Photo Cells, & Sensors


Our supplies of dimmers include the slide & dial type switches; high wattage incandescent / Fluorescent power bank units supplying up to 1500W for multi-lamp dimming. Colors are limited to Ivory and White units.