Load Centers, Panel Boards, & Switchgear

Load Centers


This type of unit is typically used in residential or subpanel applications & generally rated for 125A or less. We have both single or three phase units using plug-in or bolt-on type of beaker. 

Information to help us:  

1. Total amperage expected:  

2. Input Voltage used:  

3. Number of branch breakers needed:  

4. Main Lug or Main Breaker requirement:  

5. Used in indoor or outdoor places: 


Panel Boards


This type of panel is mostly used in commercial applications and we have them in single and three phase panels. These panels typically use a bolt-on breaker for branch circuits. 

 Information to help us;  

1. Total amperage required: 

2. Input voltage being used:  

3. Total number of branch breakers needed: 

4. Main-lug or Main-breaker: 

5. Indoor or Outdoor requirement. 

6. Is there an AIC requirement greater than 10k: 




These units are almost always confined to commercial applications. Amperages and voltage required are very much higher than a load center or panel board. They are manufacture specific and require numerous parts to assemble to the job or load requirement.  

Information to help us: 

1. Manufacture name: 

2. Total Amperage rating: 

3. Distribution Cabinet Required: 

4. Meter monitoring needed: 

5. Main Breaker Type: 

6. Branch Breaker Type: 

Mounting hardware and panel support parts may be needed.

Part Replacements


This can be a very difficult thing to get through; parts. Our stock of parts for changeable portions of load centers, and panel boards are limited to manufacturing replaceable parts. This typically would be phase bars, breaker blanks, insulators and phase specific components. However in the case of load centers, often times the entire interior where the breakers are mounted needs to be replaced for a single phase breaker bus failure. Panel Boards and Switchgear offer a greater flexibility in component replacement. With that said; all components are manufacture specific and we will require as much information as possible to meet your needs. 


Things to have handy when calling


We have a great stock of Load Center and Panel Board Covers. They are sometimes combined a cover with an access door; it is important to note that older models of these units didn’t often have doors on their covers unless it was for outside locations. Additionally, we have stock on numerous Panel Board handles both keyed and non-keyed units. For large Panel Board units they require special cover mounting screws that have attachments to grab against the enclosure to secure a tight fit; we have some of them as well. As always, we need as much information as you can provide, it is largely part dependent. Pictures to truly define what is needed maybe needed. In those cases, they must be sent via our email address sdelectric2002@yahoo.com ; attached in a JPEG format since cell phone pictures don’t often allow us the picture manipulation needed to ID your part.