Deadfronts & Breaker Covers

Part's? We have plenty to choose from; but first..........

One of the most commonly asked for items are parts for your meter panel, circuit breaker panel, and the electrical components to them. Because there are so many manufactures, models, styles, going back many years; it makes nearly impossible for us to stock check over the phone without A WHOLE LOT OF QUESTIONS.

To minimize your frustrations and maximize our search, we need to know a few things.......

Using the picture and diagram drawing above; identify the item you need by a name we are most familiar with. We know that you can sometimes have no idea what something is called; "thingamajigs" are almost always impossible to find. Measure by the numbers the area the deadfront has to go. 

There are a couple of things you are going to have to have on hand; to provide us a half a chance at helping you. 

a. 1 clear picture of the deadfront area with breakers exposed.

b. Measurements taken by the numbers above.

Are you ready to go????

Do you have the dimensions need? Length x width of enclosure, measurements of all sides of the breakers installed for orientation? Manufacture of the breakers installed? If so, give us a call. Pictures of the actual cover or deadfront area is always helpful but will have to be sent to our email address as an attachment in JPEG format for us to use.



Additional Information

Breaker Covers mainly refer to Panel Boards, often times it is a replacement due to environmental failures of rust out being near the ocean or part failures. We have numerous covers and parts available, and as always the more information you can provide about the manufacture, breakers installed, and dimensions of the cover is always a must to match.

In addition to the covers in stock, we have in many cases the locking handles, locking latches, Breaker blanks and supporting hardware they use.

Are you ready for a stock check?

If you have the list of things we need to ID the cover you need, use this form to let us conduct a product search.