Circuit Breakers

Residential Breakers


The most common type of breaker called for at our store. From the very old to the newest style; we are known to have the hard to find breakers. 

Commercial Breakers


Our commercial breakers date back many years. The resource available to us expands our service to finding the breaker you need.

DIN rail mounted Breakers


This type of breaker many times has specifications unique to the circuit function, location and use. They are used in either AC or DC applications.

Popout resetable Breakers


The stocks of pop-out resettable breaker we have are primarily in the lower range of amperages 30A or less and of a general purpose application.

Breaker Accessories


We have supporting parts for a variety of breakers, including add on parts like a shunt trip or auxiliary switches, handles and more…….

Is it the Breaker? or The Bussing?


Is it the breaker or the bussing? Are the lights flickering? Many residential breakers because of the plug in design can have such a problem.


Residential Breakers

Breakers for the home? We have them........

Typically residential breakers are plug-in type units. Our stock has new, used and surplus breakers; we don’t recondition breakers here but test for function through a continuity test done locally. It is impractical and can damage older style breakers to perform a load test. That is why we offer a 6 month defective exchange warranty on all our breakers sold.   If in the course of operation our breaker fails, bring the receipt and breaker back; and we will be happy to exchange the unit. It rarely happens, we make every effort to ensure breaker condition and operation will satisfy the need.   Our stock of domestic residential breakers is vast, in some cases dating back to the early 1950’s. 

The support parts for these breakers like yokes, lugs, tie handles, lock-offs, lock-on’s, are available as well. Since many times because of the breaker age and labeling; customers find it difficult to tell us details to identify what they need. Send us a picture of the breaker via your email address with an attached picture in JPEG format and we will be glad to help.

Let's do a stock check for you.......

Call us direct or use this contact us form for your stock check. If a picture is required; send it as an attachment in a JPEG format, via your email address to


Commercial Breakers

Commercial Breakers and Hardware....

Commercial breakers can be kind of tricky, especially if you need supporting hardware on a new installation. In general this type of breaker will be installed on Panel Board or Switchgear Cabinet. Because they vary from year to year; hardware can be sometimes difficult to match. We ask for pictures of installed breakers and hardware sets in combination with measurements made to ensure the closet match before you come all the way down to view it. 

Time is money and gas isn’t cheap, so every care is given to your satisfaction. Panel Boards are pretty straight forward and usually specific to branch breakers allowed; so if we have the breaker you need, chances are we have the hardware available too.   

Switchgear Cabinets have numerous parts required; side panels, breaker dead front strips, bracketing and bus configurations to consider. If you take the time to identify the components you need; with pictures and measurements, it will go a long way to finishing the job without the hassle and frustration. While we are not electricians to give advice of any kind; we do our best to see that you get the right parts and supplies.

Need a commercial breaker?

Give us a call or write a message here for a stock check. If we don't have it, we may be able to get it with the vast resources available to us.


Din Rail Mounted Breakers

Limited supplies

This type of breaker is designed to be compact, efficient and in many cases specific to circuit design. It can have specifications needed like trip curves to consider, ranges of operation, installation requirements; in any case this breaker can be difficult to replace. The manufacture part number many times is the only way to tell what replacement breaker will work. Older styles can be troublesome with labels that fade out, redesigns and availability. It can take longer to replace because of manufacture locations globally and sometimes are built to the task by design.

We do our best to help.....

Where practical bring the breaker in for a look see. If you are out of state or area, pictures and dimensions are probably the only way we can assist you. Help us help you, many times the exact part number to your breaker might be located on the schematics where it is in the circuit. In any case; information is key to a successful replacement breaker.


Popout resetable Breakers

We have some available......

We have many types of this breaker for 30A or less applications. As always they are dimensionally specific to the application and circuit space availability. Samples of what you need are always helpful. This is a common breaker type used for power source protection where tripping might be frequent and less costly than using fuses. Other places it is commonly used are appliances, portable equipment and spider boxes to name a few.

Bring yours by

Usually space restricted, we do carry them for general purpose applications of 30A or less.


Breaker Accessories

A huge stock of wide ranging accessories available......

Need a breaker blank? Thingamagig? Whatchamacallit? Accessories are available. Add on parts like Shunt Trips, Auxiliary Switches, Rating Plugs, Breaker & Panel Lugs, Commercial & Residential Breaker Blanks, Commercial Breaker mounting hardware, Load Center / Panel Board interiors, Phase specific bussing & landing mounts, and much, much more.......

Find out more

Again; information is key, dimensions, pictures or samples always help. If you are sending pictures; send them to our email address via your email service as an attachment in JPEG format. Cell phone pictures don't often work to the variable size and picture formats.


Is it the breaker or the bussing

A tough call; we have a good stock of both replacement parts

Are your lights flickering? Power goes off then on? These are common symptoms of a Breaker / Hardware connection point failing or failure. If left undiagnosed, can lead to disastrous fire or worse; we see this type of problem most often in residential breaker load centers, one such example shown in the picture above almost lead to such a disaster.  

We have interiors, breaker replacements in most cases. Some manufactures have a greater turnover of stock inventory than others, as soon as we get them, they are sold. Home locations near the ocean are particularly susceptible to this due to the salt water in the air. Most interiors for the residential application is made of aluminum or aluminum alloy, while copper is best; it still won't prevent the longer term effects of salt water in the air exposure.

Pictures are most valuable but.....

Pictures are particularly useful here since bringing in the interior is not often practical. In order to see what type of interior you have it is necessary to take the cover off. BE CAREFUL!! Use a licensed Electrician for examination, diagnosis and repairs. We just can't see by your pictures with the covers on what type of interior or breaker you have.