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We have a massive selection of fluorescent lamps available. To know which one you need.......

Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, HPS or LPS Lamps


You need one of these lamps? 

SOX Lamps


SOX Lamps may be going the way of the dinosaur, our stock is dwindling.........

Incandescent, & Halogen Lamps


Yes, they still exist. We have hundreds of lights for just about any kind of use. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the right one for the job.

LED's are here to stay......


LED's are the biggest significant change of the lighting industry. Power efficient, bright and compact; they are a welcomed improvement. 

BALLASTS make it happen


We have an excellent stock of available ballasts to replace existing units of any gas operating lamp. Our staff will be happy to assist you.......


Lights, Lamps and BallastsFlourescent Lamps

We still have a huge selection to choose from;

Fluorescent lighting has long been the main stay of lighting for the broadest of needs. This type of lamp also requires a ballast to operate, in concert with the connection points (sockets & holders known as [Tombstones]) to the lamp. It offers a wide range of color hue to choose from as shown in the spectrum chart above. The industry references this color and luminescence by degrees Kelvin. The average person who wants to replace their lamp often don't realize this subtle difference until they install the new one in a room of their old lamps. It can be a disappointing experience, especially if the lamps job is to provide the best light for your products display. That is why the lamp label is so important; it is easy to read if you know what to look for.  

As you can see in the picture provided above; a clear label of a GE lamp. While each manufacture prints their own label and information; the industry does have a standard format. The lamp shown is an F17T8 SPX35 rated at 17 watts. The "F #" denotes the lamp wattage, the "T #" denotes the lamp diameter, and the "SPX35" refers to its color or Kelvin rating; in this case 3500K or bright light range as noted by the chart. This chart is a pretty good color reference for you; when replacements are needed. Our staff is familiar with our lamp stock and when checking for it; may ask you to measure your lamp directly. Why? Because the "F #" may have variations of the lamp length available, that is specific to the lamp fixture wattage being used. While the "F #" is the wattage of the lamp, by virtue of how fluorescent lamps are constructed can also be read as a general length. Other aspects of the lamp label not shown in the picture above refers to a special conditions matched to the ballast capability.  So mixing those up can pose problems, like putting a HO lamp in a VHO fixture or vice versa. Keep in mind the last portion of the label on your lamp, here are examples of the last code and what it means. 

 RS – Rapid Start; HO – High Output; VHO – Very High Output; ECO – Low Mercury (Sylvania & GE); ALTO – Low Mercury (Philips); SS – Super Saver (Sylvania); EW – Econo Watt (Philips); WM – Watt Miser (GE); ADV – Energy Advantage (Philips); XPS – Extended Performance (Sylvania); just to name a few..........  If your lamp is broken and you are unable to read the lamp label, you will have to take a clear picture of the lamp ballast label in order for us to assist you. 

Since our contact form here doesn't allow for picture attachments, you are left with two options; (1) email us at via your email account and attach the photo in a JPEG format or (2) bring the picture in directly.

So; are your ready for a stock check?

Remember, these lamps are considered hazardous waste because of certain aspects they have making them dangerous to the environment or personal injury. 

Be responsible and properly dispose of this type of lamp using designated methods of handling. If your lamp is broken, keep in mind the fine dust, glass and residue can pose a problem; so handle with care.


Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, HPS, LPS Lamps

We still have a huge selection to choose from.......

When new; these lamps have a clear and visible label denoting their voltage, wattage and type. However, over time and use, this label nearly always fades away completely. If when you remove this type of lamp and after careful examination reveals nothing about what it is. Then we won't either. Many times it requires a raised platform to reach their location in a fixture mounted high on a lamp pole or ceiling. It can be a costly process if more than one trip is required to ID the lamp needed. All of these types of lamps require some sort of specific ballast to match the operational lamp specifications. Ballast labels will tell you what lamp it will operate; make a note of Voltage used, Wattage needed and Lamp type you have if the lamp label is no longer visible. We honestly don't like asking you to make a second trip, we do value your time.  

By the way; they now have LED equivalent lamp available, see our LED lighting page or contact us for details. In addition to the lamps available, we also have replacement sockets. Knowing what type of socket is important because there are two basic types Pulse Rated and Non-Pulse Rated. They are not interchangeable to the lamp used. The ballast used will also indicate which is being used for the lamp in place.

Are you ready?

If you know the Voltage, Wattage and what type of Lamp you need; save yourself time, gas and money by shooting us message. Otherwise, drop by and see us directly. Always dispose of your used Lamps responsibly.


SOX to LED Repacement Lamps

We have limited stock, wattage dependent;

One of the icon's of municipal illumination is quickly being replaced by the LED. This Sodium Vapor Lamp while highly efficient in power lighting needs have long standing drawbacks of restricted color spectrum output, take time to warm up, and are subject to output wowing (the light seems to brighten and dim). We still have some on hand, wattage dependent. It's been said that Phillips, a leader in the industry will be phasing this lamp out by 2020. 

LED replacements are available in a variety of wattages. LED replacements at this time require the removal or bypass of the existing Sodium Vapor Lamp Ballast installed.

Some things to know......

Sodium Vapor Lamps are under high pressure internally and represent a significant HAZARD with their disposal. Follow all recommended measures of disposal to avoid personal injury and or fire.......


Incandecent, & Halogen Lamps

Many to choose from and for as many uses;

Incandescent lamps are subject to Federal and State Law now and are currently being phased out entirely. The sales of existing stock of lamps are still allowed. However, unless the lamp you are requesting meets the energy standards set; no further orders will be placed to obtain more. 

Halogen lamps are still available in much the same diversity, wattage and style; contact us or see us with a sample to help. While LED’s are the future in lighting, the colors and diversity is still an ongoing challenge of stock & development

Wattages make the difference....

The sale of existing stock of lamps is still allowed. However, unless the lamp you are requesting meets energy standards set; no further orders will be placed to obtain more.  

Sales of this type of lamp is wattage dependent, contact us to see if yours is still available.


LED's are changing our lighting needs

They are the most significant change to the lighting industry since the invention of the Edison Lamp

Wow, nothing since the invention of the incandescent lamp has had as much an impact on the lighting industry as LED’s now have. With the advent of Federal and State mandates to remove the incandescent lamp from existence by a set date; the light emitting diode still lags the market in the color and lighting experience we have been accustomed to and enjoy. 

Other issues are still ongoing like its dimming ability, or light stage changing to specific luminance a three way incandescent lamp has. Our stock is reflecting these changes as they become available. We now have Metal Halide, HPS, LPS and SOX LED replacements available, with more coming.

Contact us for your lighting needs....


Ballasts power the light

Things to know about your ballast:

Fluorescent, MH, HPS, LPS and SOX lamps all require some power source to operate them. We currently have a great stock of these ballast and or kits to choose from. They are completely dependent on the lamp being used. This is the primary reason we need the lamp type, base or style and configuration of your lamp in order to properly match its corresponding ballast requirement. 

Take a look at the small example of ballasts available in the picture above for the different lamps of operation and capabilities your ballast has. Space available, lamp style, voltages used and capabilities like (rapid start & instant start). Knowing what you have, can help to avoid the costly mistake of what you actually need for your lamp. We still have a significant stock of fluorescent ballasts and ballast kits for Metal Halide, HPS, and LPS lamps; reorder of these kits are still available on a case by case bases. In addition; our stock of ballasts, capacitors and igniter replacement components for a variety of these lamps are also available.

Once you gather the information on what you need……

Drop us a line, or drop on by with your sample we will be happy to help. As always, dispose of the bad units responsibly and within the set environmental guidelines.